Complaint: Subway’s employment of Megan Rapinoe

on 03 May 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Dear Subway,

I have enjoyed your sandwiches for many years. Today I sadly write to inform you that I will never purchase another Subway product again.

Your decision to employ the anti-American kneeler Megan Rapinoe to endorse your sandwiches is the reason I now boycott your company.

As a grandfather, I have influence over many extended family, and will encourage all my loved ones to boycott Subway.

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Suggested solution:

Cancel the contract with Megan Rapinoe and issue a press release stating that a mistake was made and Subway loves America and respects it's national anthem.

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Norman Asbyey
Norman Asbyey (@guest_3184)
2 months ago

I agree wholeheartedly! I have been buying Subway since it was “born” back in my hometown in Connecticut in the early ’70s, but no more. As a Veteran I am appalled that Subway would alienate their customers with the endorsement of Rapinoe and her disrespect of the country that paid her millions. Sorry Subway. I’m sure you can get by without my purchases but I would hope you’ll rethink this poor decision on your part.

Eddie Raye
Eddie Raye (@guest_3247)
2 months ago
Reply to  Norman Asbyey

I’m with you. My family of 5 have been eating there for years. Ever since the commercial we switched to Jimmy John’s. Won’t be eating Subway until they get rid of her.

Maureen Charlevoix
Maureen Charlevoix (@guest_3329)
1 month ago

Yes, I will never buy another thing from Subway! Didn’t know they were anti-American 😡😢

Wooden (@guest_3338)
1 month ago

Boycott subway. Maybe the dems will buy your sandwiches We won’t.

Darlene Daniels
Darlene Daniels (@guest_3373)
1 month ago

Same. I can’t imagine deliberately giving money to anywhere that would hire someone like that. I’m in charge of ordering catered lunches at the law firm where I work, and I always used to get them from Subway b/c of the variety and quality. Not only wouldn’t I do that anymore, but many clients have specifically requested food from anywhere but Subway since they hired that person.

Armida Edmondson
Armida Edmondson (@guest_3416)
1 month ago

Love Subway. Will find a new sandwich place. I love people that love this country, that will sing the National Anthem with their hand in their heart. Proud to be an American.

Nancy (@guest_3420)
1 month ago

After years of buying Subway sandwiches and getting specials that are texted to me i am done buying Subway. Firehouse subs will now be my go to.

Allison DeVriendt
Allison DeVriendt (@guest_3519)
27 days ago
Reply to  Nancy

Firehouse Subs are so much better. Taste real good and they did not hire a brat American to try winning new business.

Bob (@guest_3508)
28 days ago

I agree 100%. I eat about 5 footlongs a week – not anymore due to this. Finding an alternative…

Gil (@guest_3510)
28 days ago

For the past several years, a few times a month we order a couple hundred bucks worth of sandwiches from one of our local Subway shops to feed our hungry staff putting in OT to get a major project out the door to a customer. No more. We have other, better quality options, Port O Subs and Capriotti’s to name a couple. These shops are a tad more pricey, BUT THEY DO NOT EMPLOY THE PURPLE HAIRED ANTI AMERICAN SLIME MEGAN RAPINO TO MAKE ANNOYING AND INSULTING COMMERCIALS for their businesses.

Ken Rose
Ken Rose (@guest_3515)
27 days ago

I agree

A Sorono
A Sorono (@guest_3518)
27 days ago

My family and friends have gone to subway since the 70’s. No more only Firehouse Subs and Jersey Mikes!
We have also boycotted Nike since their agreement with low level football player.

Brian H.
Brian H. (@guest_3522)
27 days ago

Adios Subway. You blew it with Jared, now this. Brilliant marketing. NOT!

Carolina (@guest_3533)
25 days ago

I mean seriously…why do these giant corporations feel necessary to get into politics! Food is your only concern or should be. Why do you insist on insulting the American people with these hacks!? Really I mean didn’t you do enough damage to the world with YOUR JARED?!?!?!?!

Last edited 25 days ago by Carolina
JoAnn Jones
JoAnn Jones (@guest_3534)
25 days ago

Bye subway. We have 3 other sandwhich shops in pahrump, a little further away. But worth the drive to avoid this anti American bullshit.

Frank Tapley
Frank Tapley (@guest_3548)
24 days ago

I will now find another restaurant chain to purchase any meal I consume when out until Subway severs ties with Megan Rapinoe.

ferdawin (@guest_3558)
23 days ago

I’d gladly kneel besides her than stand with Jared.

Lynne (@guest_3574)
21 days ago

My entire family will not be enjoying Subway which was always the preferred healthy.eating. If you are going to endorse anti-American kneeling Megan Rapinoe you lost me.You should be ashamed and it is un-american.

Kevin (@guest_3579)
20 days ago

Subway has been my “go to” every Friday since I opened my practice 12 years ago. No more!

MYSELF (@guest_3580)
20 days ago

Bullshit, JIMMY JOHNS,,,,,

John Galt
John Galt (@guest_3597)
17 days ago

I just learned that subway supports this despicable person. I will not buy from Subway until it stops supporting un-Americans such as this.

David L Rivera
David L Rivera (@guest_3603)
16 days ago

I have been a Subway customer for many years, but sadly I can not condone its anti-American support of Megan Rapine and sadly will boycott Subway

Charlie (@guest_3607)
15 days ago

Screw Subway. Done. She couldnt be as free as she is in any other country. Funny thing is, these protesters never say the US should be more like________ country so I am moving! Her lifestyle is not the issue. Kneeling and protesting the US is. Change your spokesperson!

Alan Reitz
Alan Reitz (@areitz)
10 days ago

Never eating at Subway again as long as America hating national anthem kneeling Megan Rapinoe is removed as your spokesperson.

Cary Criss
Cary Criss (@guest_3659)
9 days ago

No more anti-Americanism. Goobye Subway.

Collette Lemons
Collette Lemons (@guest_3668)
9 days ago

Same here. I will only support businesses that are proud of our country. You obviously made it clear you don’t when you decided an anti American represents you. That is your right. But I don’t have to support it and I won’t.

Gena (@guest_3678)
8 days ago

I agree! Subway has lost all of our business in mine and my extended family and I work diligently to make my thoughts and opinions known and direct people to more patriotic deli establishments

Sam Cole
Sam Cole (@guest_3684)
7 days ago

As a Veteran and loyal Subway customer I must boycott your use of Megan Rapinoe as your spokesperson. My eight years went to waste watching an anti-American promote and all-American product! Get rid of her and we are back…

Cheryl (@guest_3685)
7 days ago

Let’s all hand our unsed Subway gift cards to the homeless (I have a few because they are given, but Subway’s food is noxious). Let them enjoy the Subway stores.

Jerri O'Brien
Jerri O'Brien (@guest_3686)
6 days ago

Subway is batting a 1000 going from a pedophile to anti American. Now I really have no reason to ever buy there again! Jared to her, subways advertising team needs to do their research. We as American people don’t forget!!

Dave L Fought
Dave L Fought (@guest_3688)
6 days ago

I had a discussion with their mgmt in a walmart and they would not even acknowledge that there is a problem!! Wow very sad

Randall A Browning
Randall A Browning (@guest_3689)
6 days ago

I ate on average 2-3 times a week at Subway. Even hearing about the tuna thing didn’t dissuade me. Just saw that disgusting Megan Rapinoe on their commercial. Am now going to boycott Subway for a year. Will decide at that time if I will go back. If you want to endorse the politics of someone like that then I will not endorse you!!!

Ewald (@guest_3696)
5 days ago

Well written, and I agree, fire Rapinoe, and apologizing for using this sorry individual.
Until subway makes these change we (anyone I know) will NOT
continue doing any business with subway!

Jean Reesman
Jean Reesman (@guest_3697)
5 days ago

We have been a Subway fan for years. Until Megan Rapinoe is removed, we will boycott your establishment. Firehouse Subs are amazing!!!

Kelli D Taulbee
Kelli D Taulbee (@guest_3698)
4 days ago

I absolutely agree! I enjoy Subway, but I won’t eat there again until she is replaced with a representative that LOVES this wonderful country!

Brad AuBuchon
Brad AuBuchon (@guest_3700)
4 days ago

I also will no longer patronize Subway. If she/it is the public face of Subway then I have to assume that Subway is also an anti-american entity!

TK Anderson
TK Anderson (@guest_3706)
3 days ago

Subway, I’m done with you forever!

E.Booth (@guest_3708)
3 days ago

Count me out as a Subway customer !

Terry Allen
Terry Allen (@guest_3709)
3 days ago

As a once loyal Subway customer, I agree with all the comments preceding this one promising to quit going to subway. I also agree with the suggested solution by the person who started this discussion.

David Roden
David Roden (@guest_3712)
2 days ago

I for one am asking all our friends to “take a knee” in front of the closest Subway. What could be more American than doing it without being on a taxpayer support activity.

Lauren E.
Lauren E. (@guest_3713)
2 days ago

No more Subway sandwiches for this customer until you drop American-hating Megan Rapinoe.

Nancy Diaz
Nancy Diaz (@guest_3724)
1 day ago

I’m done with Subway. They can keep their anti-American loser Rapinoe and keep their sandwiches too! Plenty of other sandwiches places that are better. Bye-Bye Subway!