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My husband and I walked into Subway 5699-0. There were 2 African American gentlemen in front of us. The tinier of the two immediately said to me Hey girl I do not know the gentleman so I just nodded. He started approaching me and my husband said he was gonna get a hug from me. I stood behind my husband and said no get away from me I’m contagious His friend went to the table behind us and said he needed his hooch and grabbed a white Styrofoam cup of alcohol.
We ordered our sandwiches. The sandwich maker gave us price on cookies. We got a large fountain drink, 3 cookies which he said was a dollar, foot long Philly cheese and foot long turkey.
I was still upset about that one man as I have anxiety and am leaving on a flight to NJ for my daddy real sick. The sandwich maker told me 21.62 which I knew was not right.
When I got home we ate the sandwiches which were absolutely delicious and I checked our receipt against the menu. I called the location at 8:36pm and spoke with Jay who said he was manager.
He initially stated SO I also told him that the sandwich maker verbally gave me the price on the cookies and he still seemed to be disregarding everything I said. He first said that it was tax however the receipt clearly itemized the 7 percent. I asked him to help me understand the discrepancy as my husband and I started arguing and I could not handle it. I told Jay I was leaving in the morning and did not want to argue just explain it to me so I can explain to husband. He stated it’s simple it’s on your receipt I told him I am in retail, the customer is always right even when they are not, courtesy goes a long way. I told him I was filing a complaint.
You can look on your cameras about the other customers and their actions. My husband wanted me to call an attorney friend but would not.
I am a long time customer and have never had an issue. I appalled at the treatment by the customer and manager. If my husband was not there I do not know what would have happened. Employees never intervened.

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Suggested solution:

First I would like an apology from Jay. Next I think they should be retrained on customers that are disruptive to other patrons.
Lastly I think the pricing given to me should me honored. The sandwich maker even told Jay he did give me that price and it seemed Jay still rude and dismissive to me. Lastly I would like the 2.25 on a gift card which I would use at a different location.
Maybe you could transfer Jay to another location as me and my boss patronize this location 4 times a week and my husband and his roofing staff eats here about 6 times a week.
We love Subway, employees are extended family and location ideal.
If you would like to discuss further please call me.

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