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on 28 April 2019 about Medical Center Hospital Odessa in category Healthcare

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I was taken by ector county sheriffs dept. On jan 18,2019 i was taken against my will. I did not volunteer for mentsl services nor was there a court order energancry notice of detainment for one signed by a judge. The officer Bretado.L admitted infront of the nurse Cori n S.Murray a crisis worker. I did not see any actuall doctors. Nor was i admited by one. There was no cps case on or before the january 18,2019 incident with the Ector county sheriffs dept officers of a unwarranted welfare check. Infact Bretado.L admitted thatvto both of my parents atvtime of unwarranted detainment. The officers kicked my door n. I never spoke with cps infact the 1st went to my parents address n not my address. While i was there i was told to lay on the bed naked w no clothes on only panties without a doctor present due to the officer and the nurse Cori. I was put under 24 hr surviellance once again without a warrant n held against my will from January 18,2018 to january 22,2019. I was denied my inhailer phone a shower clean clothes n for no probable cause. Im aware that Medical Center Hospital is NOT QUALIFIED for these services due to there a community services as of it states clwarly in the Texas Code of Procedures Mental health services of facilities in which services can be rendered. The security guard said there was over 20 complaints made against hospital due to the fack of the unwarranted welfare checks. In which were being conducted on friday evenings at 6pm after head ppl left for the weekend. And they released the ppl on Sunday s. Without probable cause.

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Sexual l harassment. Held against my will due to lack of supervision of the facility. Allowing unwarranted detainments in which parient did not agree to.

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