Securus Technologies complaint: Can’t log on to my account

Complaint from scorpia99 reported on 30 September 2022 about Securus Technologies

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My complaint:

Website keeps saying ive entered invalid username and password to please try again although I login hundreds of times per day. When I called, the person I spoke to was wanting a four digit security pin when the app calls for security answers to pre written questions. She kept telling me she couldn’t help me although I gave her all my info…she then asked me to hold while she tried to by pass …was on hold for over an hour and she disconnected the call, I called back, was on hold waiting for another hour to even talk to anyone and was hung up on without even getting a chance to speak to anyone. Called a third time, and was properly hungry up on…this happened with calls 4, 5, and 6 as well…am currently waiting to speak to someone…am on hold on my 7th call…I wish the prison system used a complete different company…maybe I need to start my own business charge cheaper and provide better customer service…now there’s a thought

Suggested solution:

Fix the app or bypass everything so they can see what the issue is and fix the problem..I gave u both my username and password and you couldn't help me? Get out of here with all that! That's B.S

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Jennifer Witzki
Jennifer Witzki (@guest_5554)
1 year ago

I’m getting the same!!

Lakesha Powell
Lakesha Powell (@guest_6468)
1 year ago

Been logging in with same saved login info. Says system doesn’t recognize. Even if I try to make a new account I will lose my funds that’s in the other account. Can’t afford to do that. So please fix the glitch.

Aleah Mcwhirter
Aleah Mcwhirter (@guest_6711)
1 year ago


tay03 (@guest_7943)
29 days ago

happening to me right now

amy (@guest_7084)
10 months ago

exact same thing is happening to me right now.

Tonette Carbone
Tonette Carbone (@guest_7099)
10 months ago

I am right there with the others, J Pay user never a problem . I’ve been on this for a mo. I feel completely helpless. On the waiting call as I am now. I’m stuck in Securus , did the password change w Text temp given to me, great she said J pay password and securus will be the same , wont work! then My settings ! (What) and then menu “password setting, I miss writing to my friend ,WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE CRAZY They claim on phone . I ‘m not allowed cant wait or walk you… Read more »

Faith (@guest_7678)
6 months ago

Fix it , it’s blowing mines rn Ik I put the right info