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My complaint:

So its products behind a registered that only a employee or a manager can give you I went to the store as I’m going to check out I ask the manager nicely can she please give me something I’m thinking she didn’t hear me so I asked again nicely excuse ma’am can you please give me she still ignores me once she was done counting she turns around in tell me rudely with a attitude in say DONT THINK BECAUSE YOUR ASKING ME TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING IM GOING TO STOP DOING WHAT IM DOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED WHEN I’M DONE I WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED then hands me my item ! I said that’s how you respond to a customer? I said excuse, ma’am in please in you respond to me was that? she tells the employee at the other register that was scanning my items to cancel my order in told me that I can go to another store people tell me she’s very rude in nasty I’ve seen it for myself she’s not professional at all.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

She should be fired..

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