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on 31 October 2018 about Goodwill Industries in category Non-Profit

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.Hello: My mom and I have been going to your 350 Fairview ave, hudson ny store for 15’years. My mom is on a fixed income and i am disabled on a fixed income. I have 2 kids and struggle feeding and clothing my family and that is why I go to your store. To save EVERY penny. On august 30, we went into the store and noticed X was working. X has a tendancey to have a short fuse with customers. We have seen this with other customers and she has been short with us in the past as well. My mom was buying $15. shoes and thought they were half off. When my mom realised they were full price she couldnt afford them. I told my mom i would give her half the money so she could buy them, X got extremely MAD. She slammed the shoes down on the counter and said to my 80 year old mother do you want them or not..!!!!. This is just unacceptable to treat an 80 year old woman this way. THEN X said the bill was 14.99 and im gonna round it up to $15.00. my mom ( on a fixed income, who comes to the store to save every penny) said no thank you i dont want to round up.. X sighed and shook her head in discust. So you think this is terrible..??? now it’s my turn.
I had an item for $4.99. X said to me.. i’m going to round YOUR order up to $5.00 . I said no thank you. then says(infront of a line of other customers). it’s just a Fing pennies..!!!
my mom and myself, my wife and her sisters and all of our children all go to the goodwill to buy my clothes and school supplies,etc for 15 years. We will not go back to be harrassed by one of your employees. If someone doesnt want to round up, they shouldnt be humiliated infront of a room of other customers and that is what X did to me,’my two children and my 80 year old mother. Not to mention the language.. My mother was so emmbarrassed she said she never wants to go back and started crying when i got her into the car.
This was straight up harrassment and completely humiliating and unacceptable. its bad enough to do this to me( a disabled american) but to do this to a 80 year old mother is just the worst of the worst.
Shame on Goodwill for allowing this!!

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my mom and small children deserve an apology

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