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I normally would NEVER do this but I’m tired of the attitudes especially if it comes from management. So I am a normal at this location if they get this complaint they’ll know exactly who I am. I always ask for a extra syrup for my hotcakes and sausage(they only supply 1 and I need more). I ask when I get to the window not thinking this is a big deal. I began to see the workers getting a lil irritated, I guess, at my request so tbh I started to find different locations to go to. Never encounter a problem even became a regular at the one on eastway lol. Today July 17 2020 the manager barked on me in front of her employees telling me next time ask for a extra syrup at the speaker. In which I have absolutely no problem doing so. The problem was her delivery. I AM NOT one of your employees I am a customer . I hate to be embarrassed and the way she spoke to me made me extremely uncomfortable. Me being the man I am I didnt bark back I just said ok I’ll make sure to do that next time. I cant speak for everyone else in my situation though. I was 2 seconds away from giving her a piece of my mind this morning but decided to take this route instead. I have no problems with any of the other managers at this location but that one this morning smdh mannnnn…..

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Make sure she likes to work there and leave her attitude at the door. Your there to help customers just like I have to help at my job. It's a job you know as a manager to leave your problems at the door when coming to work. I'm sure you preach this to your employees. Use your own advice. That was rude AF this morning.

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