Complaint: Rude and Unprofessional Workers

on 30 June 2019 about BioPet Laboratories in category Pets / Animals

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My complaint:

My Apt complex uses some crazy company called Poo Prints-Bio Pet if they find poo on the property. I was fined $150.00. I disputed this with my Apt complex. I was told to call Poo Prints-Bio Pet. I looked them up on their website and could not find a phone number so I messaged them on Facebook. I was given a number of 865-546-2862 to call and speak to someone about the dispute of my lab results. A lady answered and I told her I was disputing a lab result from my Apt complex. She took the number of TD0112669. And ask me to hold on. A lady named **** came on and asked me how she could help me. I explained I was disputing the lab results.
I told her that the lab results stated that it could be another dog as well and that the paper says for it to be a match that all have to be a match. On the paper, they skipped one. She told me all this stuff about it was better than the FBI and stuff. I told her if it could not have been another dog then you should not put it on the lab results. She was rude and unprofessional. She acted as if I was not supposed to question the results. I asked who her boss was and she said no one. She was it. She lied. After doing some research ***** – Founder and CEO, is her boss. And I think she is ***** – Customer Service. She became very angry and hung up on me.
I called back and another lady answered and I told her I hope she can help me before I have to file complaints on this company. She took the same number. I told her the same info. I told her the same info about it could be another dog and she said it was 43.7 quadrillion. Again if Bio Pet dose does not want to put questions in peoples minds then they should not put it on the report.
I told her about the report was not a complete match and she said it did not have to be. She became rude and was very unprofessional. It seems to be a thing with this company. They do not like to be challenged about their lab results. I told I bet if I took it to a jury it would put questions in their minds. She became loud and said I know a judge would rule in our favor and we would win. Agreeing with customers is not good business at all. I never said anything about a judge. I did tell her she was rude and she said I was rude because she said I talked when she talked. I said I never said anything about you over talking me or something like that. Calling customer names is bad business.
This company needs to learn how to deal with people and they need to be educated about how business works. If their CEO allows this kind of behavior then I understand why they act how they do.
I have every right to dispute the test results and I was told to call them by my Apt complex. They should not get upset when someone challenges they test results unless they are doing something wrong. For God sakes its only poo.

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Suggested solution:

Teach the workers to deal with consumers and teach them not to get upset when a consumer disputes a lab result

Pay the $150.00 charged by the Apt. Complex

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