Formby Hall Golf Resort complaint: Rude and offensive staff

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My complaint:

I am appalled by the greeting my partner had and how we were treated over the weekend. My partner arrived late (which I had informed reception about), he was not allowed up despite having the booking name and room number, he was spoken to rudely and told that he had to go outside to ring me, and was asked ridiculous questions such as when was the last time you speak to her and how do you know her. He wasn’t able to call me as he had no signal and was waiting for about 20 minutes until I luckily came down and found him. The receptionist said she tried to call but there was no phone in our room and no-one came to check. I can only assume this was because we are not the ‘usual’ clientele and because he had his work clothes on.

In the same breath, I felt extremely judged when I went on my own to book the golf course and was looked and up and down and asked without a greeting you haven’t played golf, have you? Or do you know someone you want to book for.

We spent about £500 at the Resort to be treated this way. I have also now had an extra £142.50 taken from my account without explanation. This is third day calling trying to get through to reception, which no-one answers, despite leaving messages. I found this previous to our stayed when I called x4 to reserve spa treatments and golf. I gave up in the end and went without spa treatments.

For a 4 star hotel this is terrible. This is solidified by other reviews I can see on Trip Advisor as 1 star for horrendous service which clearly hasn’t been improved.

Suggested solution:

Acknowledgement and financial compensation.

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