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Delayed Shipping

Complaint from on 13 April 2021 about ROMWE in category Fashion

I made an order of about $450 through the app and that granted me free express shipping. I placed the order on April 4th and the estimated shipping said it’d get here between April 12-14. I am only just now... Read more


Complaint from on 10 April 2021 about ROMWE in category Fashion

Hi I ordered a shirt from your website and so it said that the order should estimate to get here on the 1st or 2nd of April and I order it on like the 24th of March and I... Read more


Complaint from on 21 March 2021 about ROMWE in category Fashion

My daughter has bought an octopus stuffed toy and when she got it and turned it inside out the entire stuffing is coming out of the stitches. She has gone on the website and due to it being a... Read more

Addressee Unknown

Complaint from on 11 March 2021 about ROMWE in category Fashion

My package was not delivered because of “addressee unknown” but i double checked what address i put under my order and it was correct? And now my item is being returned to the sender.. I contacted my courier company already... Read more