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Good afternoon there is a rodent issue in saffin drive Taunton in the flats all yarlington is doing is putting bait down but this is not a long-term solution the rats will keep coming back I spoke to the management team this afternoon and they don’t seem to care that we are seeing rats outside of the building and hearing them in the loft.I was wondering if you could help me on this issue on a matter of urgency as I really don’t know what else to do I have just emailed our local MP to see if they can help but we should not have to live with rodent on the outside and inside of the building . The smell in the hallway of the flats is ridiculous it smells rat as they are peeing everywhere the smell coming out of a loft is getting worse. I am petrified rodent which I keep telling them and recently I have had mental health issues which made me have time off work because of this. I hope you can help !!

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To block off all access from the rodents to look underneath the building where I hear the rodents to

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