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My complaint:

The uncomfortable situation of racism occured March 2, 2019 at 9pm at the walmart store located at 8500 Golf Road in Niles IL.

The customer service representative and the management were racist toward my child. Then after I made a complaint instead of apologizing and just fixing the situation the managaement shelby and trevor continued to justify the racism. Trevor even went as far as to tell me how I was feelining was wrong. The staff and management at the Golf road location needs to be retrained.

The entire situation made me extremely uncomfortable and shelby And Trevor continuously tried to justify racism. The first excuse was that they ask everyone for an id for a money order. The second excuse was that all money orders over 1000 needs an id ( but my money order was 170.62). The third justication was that I did not understand what was occuring. And finally the final excuse was anyone under 18 has to show id. Then after I said my child is under 18, they stuck with that excuse. Next, I said I understand that but that needs to be explained to customers, the management tried to dismiss my concern. Also, they followed us out of the store. I feel like black people aren’t welcomed at that particular walmart and that is not ok. I also requested to leave my name and number for the district manager to call me on Monday and trevor said no. I have been dealing with issues at this store for 4 years. A large corporation like walmart should not have so much racism and no plan to rectify the situation.

I feel like as long as companies and systems train black people to be Racist, they feel as if they can ignore concerns and continue inappropriate practices. I guess by sending Shelby (a black manager) over to tell me that they were not being racist made their behavior ok. PLEASE NOTE GOING FOWARD: that makes the situation worse. Just as I stated in the store, they would not have asked any white person in America for an ID for a money order!

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Suggested solution:

An apology and retrain their staff.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Walmart

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