Complaint: Racism and poor customer service

on 18 September 2019 about Torchys Tacos in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Last night I visit your establishment in Arlington Texas and the ology and heights district and I was very disappointed on management the whole team there a what I witness when I was there I stood in line stood there by myself for 10 minutes until I had the tail the bus boy and ask him was there anyone working today
And I said yes let me go get someone as I will stand in a waiting on him to get some one to wait on me I witness another worker eating inside the kitchen with gloves on stuffing food in her mouth the door was left open a can see her she seen me standing there then say nothing was costly eating food in our hands were gloves off in the kitchen were of the customer’s food is being prepared that is the OSHA OSHA violation
and she seen me they’re standing in she seen me standing in line and then say nothing to other co-workers that I was standing there and then finally I don’t know if this man was a manager instead of him asking me I apologize for the long way or ask me did someone come up and help you he did not ask me anything so he just walked by with an attitude is all on camera this happened between 8:25 to 8:45 p.m. at night and you can see the lady if y’all have cameras in the kitchen with the door open with her standing there she look Latino the guy that came to me with a shirt on wearing regular civilian clothes did not have on the shirt to recognize that he works there with a Dana Sara radio he threw his hands up at me you can see it on camera and told me I did not have to eat here so I proceeded to walk away I was very disappointed because I’m a number one fan of Torchy’s Tacos I have brought my family from Cleveland Ohio cuz that’s where I am from to eat at Torchy’s Taco because the first Torchy’s Taco I eat it was in Austin Texas and I loved it in the South there in Austin was very nice I will never go to this Arlington location again to eat at Torchy’s Tacos cuz I felt like the manager whoever he was the Caucasian guy he was racist cuz I am a black woman and he was not concerned of how I felt I was being treated and just standing around employees looking engaging in conversation and never ask took my order I never helped me so he threw his hands up at me twice and I don’t appreciate that but I will say this I will post it on social media Facebook Instagram to band from eating at Torchy’s Tacos could a racism have to stop and I did not appreciate it and I will report this to channel Fox 4 news and express the damn how I was treated at Torchy’s Tacos

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Suggested solution:

Fire management and your crew because I\'ll be an osha violations while you have your people back their eating and making people food would gloves on and being disrespectful and rude and races

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