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on 04 September 2019 about Algerian Embassy in category Government Services

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My complaint:

Hello my name is Michelle. Iim complaining about the Algerian embassy in canberra. In September I flew to algeria to not be let in country not knowing I needed a visa stamped in my passport being. First time flyer my mistake.. So I applied online for visa sent my passport wich they received on the 21st September. Have express post both ways
. Before sending passport I rang the embassy and explained also what happened and intending to get another ticket as on the online form it says show bookings of plane wich I not have but intending to get the lady said no problems just send in. So I did I paid the 80 dollars. So in the couple if days I get a call sayng did I pay. Yes I did and sent bank statement she says all good. A mother few days go by and she rings me and says I gave the immagrstion officer in front if ne to do visa alk good to go and they question me on the stamp and a cross I had in passport wich to my unknown did not know it was there as was too distraught from comming back. I explained and said just wasn’t allowed entry to country due to no visa. She said all good il send today wich was about two weeks ago on asking her so all good to go I can book another ticket she replied yes I even offered to get fed x or something quicker for my passport to be sent to me I have express post so should have arrived that day or the latest next day. So on hearing the good news I booked a ticket.. The next morning I get a phone call sayng they have to hold the visa why.. The visa man went to his superior and they wanted to know about stamp and cross. Surely they can see what that meant. I saud I have booked a ticket she said why you do that because you told me too I was so upset distraught as this cist money ect she said was told the last fifteen minutes before they left. I asked so you could not have rang me isn’t that what mobiles are for or courtesy an email to let me know.. She couldn’t answer. I asked how long will this take again no answer. So I have bern Waiting up till today 3rd September i. And when I try ringing the embassy that put on message bank don’t even answer phone or it was the person dealing with your Visa in a meeting but then ring in about 15 minutes again and she would answer the phone? I kerp try ringing and it would go message bank. My friend tryd and same thing and then it would say message bank full try later? So even if I nedded my passport disregard b
Visa can an not reach them. Wich is frustratiing very stressfull.. I even applied to my work to take a few extra weeks to go away. And still waiting. I just wanted to have a holiday. And it’s caused me nothing but stress money time.l

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Desired solution:

Would like to receive my visa asp so I can enjoy a couple of weeks I have left of my holidays as I will not be able to take till next year and I will have to go through the whole thing again.. Reimbursement of a ticket would be nice. I\'m not a criminal I simply was refused in algeria due to my fault of not having visa. And I\'m sure the immagrstion officer would have seen that due to a new passport never travelled anywhere before.

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