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MY SON WAS RECENTLY TRANSFERED OVER INTO JONES COUNTY BECAUSE HE IS ON HOUSE ARREST. I TOOK HIM TO MEET HIS NEW PROBATION OFFICER. HE WENT INTO THE BACK OF THE BUILDING IM WAITING IN THE LOBBY. I HEAR THIS MAN YELLING TO TOP OF HIS LUNGS TELLING MY SON HE BETTER NOT EVER CALL HIM ON A HOLIDAY. MY SON HAS BEEN TEYUNG TO GET A JOB EVERY JOB THST HAS HIRED HIM THE PROBATION OFFICER HAS DENIED HIM TO WORK AT. HE DENIED HIM TO WORK IN THE CITY. HE TELLS MY SON HE WAS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN BECAUSE AT THE AGE OF 22 THE FIRST JOB HE EVER HAD HE LOST DUE TO DACT HE WAS SICK A COUPLE OF DAYS AND WAS LATE BECAUSE OF CAR TROUBLE. I HAD TO LISTEN TO THIS MAN SCREAM AT MY KID HE TD HIM I SGOULD GO AHEAD AND AREST YOU IM SICK OF DEALING WITH YOU. KEEP IN MIND MY SON LOST HIS JOB VECAUSE HE WAS SICK ABSSEST TOOTH. HE HAS NO MEDICAL INSURANCE SO IN JONES COUNTY YOU HAVE TO PAY TO SEE DR. I COULDNT AFFORD TO PAY HE COULDNT AFFORD TO PAY SO I HAD HIM CALL THE PROBATION OFFICER TO ASK IF WE COULD TAKE HIM TO WAYNE COUNTY HOSPITAL THE PROBATION OFFICER SCREAMING AND YELLING I DONT GIVE A CRAP About your tooth you dont call me I dont care if your dying never call me on the weekend Saturday Sunday or the holiday. Now my question is when this kid has finally trying to get his lice straight he has stayed clean off drugs which his probation officer told him the first time he saw him I deal with it kind every day your a white trash junkie I bet you are hot right now. My son say no sir please give me a drug test so i can prove you wrong. He did my son was clean. Now I thought that probation officers were suppose to help these young men and women that have made mistakes try to be a productive member of society. Help them get their lives on track. People are ch oingvto make mistakes and screw up. However when they are doing everything they can to try to do better and move forward. When you have someone o. That position playing God with not only your love one life ,but your life also simply because the can get away with it.

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My sons father and I have spent the last 8 years doing everything known to man to try to help our son get straight and clean up. However it wasn't till my son watched my mother die did he make a promise to her and us that he would stop using. He went to rehab finish program and is on house arrest . He has been sober no drugs and has been doing good. I am not asking for special treatment for him. I'm asking that he is treated like a human being. There is no need for anyone to put anyone else down and be little them yelling and screaming. Our family has lost enough losing my mother. My son is still dealing with having to watch his grandmother die. IS IT TO MUCH TO ASK THAT HE BE TREATED LIKE A PERSON INSTEAD OF BEING BELOTTLED AND TOLD HE IS WHIYE TRASH JUNKIE. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS ISSUE HANDLED BECAUSE SOME OF THESE MEN ARE ACTUAL TRYING TO BETTER THEMSELVES AND NONE OF THEM DESERVE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT TRYING.

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