Primark Clothing reviews and complaints

Primark Clothing reviews and complaints


  • Faulty earring, rude staff – nightmare!!

I bought a set of value £1.50 earrings from the Birmingham New Street store the other day, of course assuming they would be fine to wear I put on a pair of them yesterday. They were a bit hard to get on but I’ve been wearing earrings since I was a little kid so thought that was fine.

BIG mistake… Yesterday evening, before trying to get them off before I went to bed, I noticed the left one would not come off. I checked in the mirror and there seems to be some kind of defect, the end of it is really thick which explains why it would come on but not off. I asked my mum to help remove it or pull it off but even she was unable to do it though we tried putting some oil on to help it slide off.

Walked into the New Street store today and was directed to customer service. Might as well not have bothered – one of the people behind the counter was sarcastic and rude and told me to “go to A & E” and that “we’ve never had a problem with that before” when I pointed out that maybe they were still selling things like that. It’s a joke, you don’t expect to buy £1.50 earrings and then have them stuck on your ear!

I have literally been to every place I can think of that might help me remove them (Claire’s Accessories and jewellers) but they are unable to help, I will need to hunt around and waste my time to find someone who has the equipment needed to get the damn thing cut off my ear. I really hope my ear doesn’t end up infected or something beforehand. It also means I can’t play any sports or go swimming till this is sorted.

Thumbs down, Primark.



  • faulty jeans

Primark – Bury.

I bought some skinny black jeans two weeks ago from this store. I came to wear them that night and as i was pulling them up I noticed that the belt loops on the back were hanging off and there was a clear hole wear they had come away from the fabric. Almost a rip. This is not acceptable and I tried to rteturn them last week but was told “No Refund as it was obvious I had done it”. I am not happy at all. Spoke to the manager who looked at me like a piece of dirt. I will NEVER shop at this cheap excuse for a clothes shop ever again.

I work for a retailer – who shall remain un-named and even though our clothes are reasonably cheap, we will more than likely refund/swap items that are faulty. Primark – I am disgusted with you.

  • primark’s brown carrer bags

i am making a complaint about the brown carrer bags because everytime i get given one they always manage to split or the handles snap, and i have to carry my stuff home from the town or the metro centre whatever primark i go to, so i reckon you should get better bags what people can put them in instead of them brown ones , if not possible i will be making more complaints. thanks.

  • beauty eyeliner pen

i recently bought a new eyeliner from primark in oxford and when i go home the eyeliner pen was competly empty!! i opened it up and there was no eyeliner in there at all! is this some kind of sick joke? i spent £1.50 on an eyeliner. it may not seem like much to you but i don’t come from a very wealthy family! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP PLAYING PRANKS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

  • Dreadful attitude toward customers!

Today I went into a Primark for the first time ever. Coventry Primark, 11.30am Saturday 14th September 2013. I had been talked into going by my partner, she and my 6 year old twins had a list of ‘back to school’ and other clothing items for the four of us.

After some 45 minutes we had fairly full bags, the queues to pay were about thirty yards long and after waiting for an additional ten minutes my boy twin started to hop up and down . . . he needed a toilet, fast, as anyone who has a small child (especially a boy) knows. I could see no ‘floor staff’ in sight so I wriggled to the front of the queue and pointed at my hopping son and asked a cashier where the toilets were.

I was astounded to be told that ‘there are no toilets for customers, you can go to the public ones . . . ‘ This is in a large four floor department store that in a previous life had toilets on each floor. As bad as the lack of toilets was the irritated look and manner of the cashier, how dare a customer request a toilet!

I immediately dumped the two large bags of clothes already selected ready to sprint for the nearest public toilets some four hundred yards away, yes, almost quarter of a mile. Frankly I almost wished that he had had a dump on their floor there and then when another woman brusquely told me that I should take every item back to where I had found it before leaving the store!

Half way to the public toilets my little boy was in pain and clutching his crutch, we peeled off into BHS where an assistant seeing his distress beckoned us and trotted in front of us opening doors on the way to the customer toilets. That I call customer service. Needless to say we called all our party out the Primark store and we completed all our shopping in BHS.

Having looked for a way to complain and now having seen the other comments and reviews about Primark I will NEVER cross their threshold again and will campaign to make as many people aware of their policies and attitude toward customers as is possible. This is a regular occurrence with children as all parents know.

By way of comparison staff at Aldi, Hobbycraft and H&M; in Coventry – who also don’t have public toilets have always been helpful and have opened staff toilets for small children in distress! Personally I believe that all shops should be forced to have toilets or clearly signposted routes to toilets within 100 yards or so as a matter of public policy.

Primark . . . you may well think that you are getting the profit from another few square metres of floorspace but it will be at the cost of lost custom from the families you have offended.

  • bad underwear sizing

I am really annoyed and want to know why you can’t choose your actual size in underwear. i went in today and had a look for some sets, im a 34d and size 8 but with the right size bra i have to have 10/12 size bottom. from a customer point of view you should be allowed to actually choose the right size and not waste money on half an item. I would’ve bought three nice sets today if you didnt attached the top and bottoms together.

  • Rude Staff

I was in Primark in Woolwich, South East London last week and saw a staff being rude to a customer to the extent that this staff took off his white uniform in anger showing a black vest underneath and his black trousers on ready to fight. This staff challenged the customer to a duel outside the store to the chagrin of everyone present. There was chaos everywhere, shoppers in the store came to a standstill and all hell broke loose.
The manager came out to find out what was going on and was asked by the aggrieved customer if this was an acceptable behaviour for a staff of the store to put up a fight with a customer. This rude manager shrugged her shoulders saying the staff could fight as he wished as he was no longer wearing his uniform at the moment and couldn’t be seen to be a staff of the store. This was a shocking answer from a manager of such calibre taking into consideration her position at that time in question. It’s such a shame and brings to question the level and quality of customer service training undertaken by staff in such an organisation.
This is appalling and shouldn’t be an acceptable behaviour of a staff working in such a reputable store as PRIMARK!!!!
Has the saying that a customer is always right been thrown TO THE DOGS????

I urge the management of this store not only at this branch to look into such disgusting and intransigent behaviour and do something positive to tackle this menacing, cancerous and unpalatable trend intending to wreck the reputation and integrity of such a great and award winning store as PRIMARK

  • Trouser tapped short

I can’t believe their bubbled the first time I wear them , the supervisors blamed the clothes powder I used. She does not know me she mad a assumption and accused me. I never go back in Middlesbrough branch ever again.

  • complaint about a dressing gown i got

I am really upset I needed a new dressing gown.. so I went to primark and got one from there but I notice ther was fluff coming off every where… I washed it three times but it is still coming off

  • Tax Return

I bought some gifts in primark (newcastle) to my friends before going back home the day before yesterday. Due to I did not bring my passport, the staff told me to bring it to customer service next day and they would give me the tax refund form. However, when I went to the store today, they told me the policy for tax return form was the purchase should be the same day. Without any apolopy for their mistake, they even told me no one would tell me like that. How poor the service is!

  • Pathetic

I mean what the hell is this. I bought a pair of blue flats and after walking in the rain my feet have gone blue, I don’t want to look like an avatar. Sort this out. There are so many complaints are you not ashamed.

I am still surprised you guys are in the market