Complaint: Pricing not as agreed upon over the phone (False Advertising)

on 13 September 2021 about Dish Network in category TV Providers

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My complaint:

I called to cancel because of price increases. Over the phone Dish offered a two year price lock of $64.99 including locals to retain me as a customer. I agreed to the $64.99 however, when I checked my account they billed me $79.99 I called today (9-13-21) and Dish operator DQK, said that they were not offering that price. This is the second time Dish operator DQK lied to me. He said they would look into it and I should have an answer in 5 business days. The operator just made me mad in his condescending attitude. He also stated he was in charge and there was no one else I could talk to in customer service. Dish customer service is sometimes good but often poor as with operator DQK.

I called back and talked to senior customer service who acted as if I was a Liar, I read the advertised price to them out of the paper. I asked why they could not just fix my account, they stated I signed a new two year agreement, so no new changes can be made. Again with a very condescending attitude – Customer Service did not fix the problem

Suggested solution:

I expect Dish to honor its pricing promised to me over the phone and correct my billing to reflect a monthly price of $64.99 including locals plus the monthly added tv fee of $5mo for the joey

Comment by poster of the complaint S. B. Ford

8 months ago - After days no response from Dish. They are quick to take your money but slow or non-responsive to questions about your bill. Also, I noticed that they recently billed me another $21. When I questioned this charge Dish stated because I changed my programming to that advertised this is an upgrade. This doesn't make any sense.

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