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My complaint:

a Telephone call was made to th dominos on N. Main St in Gaston SC.
, in an attempt to order a pizza for delivery. the method of payment was a Dominos gift Card. the woman taking the order had no idea how to process a Dominos gift card. She kept asking for an expiration date like a regular debitcredit card. she became frustrated with her inability to process r
the card information and stated that they were very busy and requested thar
t th call should b made later when they were not as busy. this call was made on 92820 about 7:15 PM eastern time. i v
consider her actions to call back rude. what am I chopped Liver. apparently my call to buy product is not important to Dominos. the workers should ask for the method of paymeny by giving the customer a choice cashdebitcreditgift. this will make it easier for Dominos and the customer. the dominos emo
ployee should never dismiss th customer by suggesr
tingn they call back. such action is disrespectful ton the customer.i spr
ent 25 years working 4 varios compnys in the pursuir
t of customer service. if I had ever committed such a faux pass I would have been terminated or suffered a monumental reduction in stature.

thank you for your time,

imothy P. Rockwell
305 Preston St.
Gaston SC 29053

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Suggested solution:

proper training to include payment processing and respecting customers

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