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on 12 April 2021 about in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I phoned to query a return I had arranged for 120421 which was due to be picked up by Hermes between 10am – 12pm. I informed the agent that a courier had attended my address during that time but advised they were only due to pick up one item (I had two packages due for pickup from Hermes on that date and one was the Wayfair package). The courier advised me they only had one package on their list which was not the Wayfair one, they therefore refused to take the Wayfair package.

I waited in for another HERMES courier to arrive but by 15:30pm my package still had not been picked up and I did not want to waste the rest of the day waiting for a courier that would never arrive. The package is also too large for me to carry to a Hermes drop off location myself.

I explained all this to the Wayfair agent and found them to be very rude and unhelpful. I was told there was nothing the agent could do as Hermes is a separate company and there is no way to contact Hermes to find out if the package is being collected today, I would have to wait for tomorrow. I informed them that I had specifically arranged for the package to be picked up on the 120421 as I was not going to be in the following day and having to wait another day was putting me to a lot of inconvenience.

The attitude of the agent was basically tuff luck, Hermes will make three collection attempts; not taking in the fact that Hermes had failed to collect the parcel on the arranged date.

I advised the agent I would like to make a complaint as I was not happy with how my query was being dealt with and was told he was the only one in the company I could complain to, that Wayfair have no other escalation procedures and there was nothing else anyone at Wayfair could do, he was also the most senior person available for me to talk to.

I advised him that I found it hard to believe a company as large as Wayfair does not have an escalation process if something goes wrong. I asked for his details which he initially refused to provide, after much insistence from myself, I was advised his name was Joe, his job title is Service Consultant and he is a Virtual Agent.

I asked him for the address of Wayfair Head office, he refused to give it to me and said I should search for it online.

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I am appalled at the service I received from Wayfair, as this is not the type of customer service I would expect to receive from a company as large as Wayfair and feel this agent’s behaviour should be highlighted and addressed.

As I do not feel confident my complaint will be address by Wayfair, please do note that I have also posted my complaint on

I would also like someone to investigate why Hermes failed to collect my package and arrange for the package to be collected and a refund to be made without further delay to my original payment method.

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