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That’s where my problems began because they were looking out for me! Actually it was Paypal that forced me to get a mobile phone which I can actually live without and got along quite well without one. I now only use it to  make or receive calls when my Internet controlled OOMA home phone system is down. I’ve been with Paypal 20 years and a few years ago Paypal made the decision to coerce their customers to upgrade from the safety of a home based phone system to the insecurities of a mobile phone for login verification. My nightmare began because the two boxes in my profile were  ticked  to receive automated calls and text messages if Paypal sent security codes  needed for identity verification. Instead of getting an automated phone call to my mobile phone If necessary, I would be receiving text messages with 6-digit security codes to prove who I was. The previous email or phone verification system in place always worked great for me and others as well.  I’ve never used the  text  message function on my  mobile phone mainly because I am old school and have large hands and don’t like typing on a tiny keypad after spending most of my life using typewriters, PC and laptop keyboards. Paypal locked me out of my account after  the security codes they sent me to prove my identity  timed out. I was locked out of my account via WIFI. They never used the 2nd option of simply calling my mobile phone for verification.
      Afterward, when I tried to log into my PayPal account via WIFI I received an annoying Sorry we couldn’t it’s you message. WTF! I called customer support at 9 AM when they opened up and luckily got a representative. After  passing  his security checklist verifying I was the owner of the Paypal account I was able to log back into my account. I asked the representative if the problem might occur again and he adamantly replied it would never happen again.  I was still skeptical. I waited a couple of hours before trying again to log into Paypal again and when I did got the same annoying message. I then tried to utilize Paypal’s Help menus that are not user-friendly and useless. How can I try something else or proceed to another Help page if Paypal can’t my Identity and the same error message I am trying to resolve persists?
      I decided to try detaching from my wireless router and go directly from PC  to  modem with a long RJ 45 ethernet cable I luckily had which  allowed me to access Paypal without any difficulty. I went into my account and un-ticked the box in my profile to receive text messages to my primary mobile and ticked the box to receive only automated calls. I waited an hour before trying to log into my account  once again through my wireless connection and got the same message Sorry, we couldn’t it’s you. I then went back to the hardwired option and hit Contact Us on the Paypal menu. I spent at least 25 minutes typing my complaint and when I hit the Send button I was informed I was communicating with a robot and that it was still learning and could I form my words into a more coherent sentence. Needless to say, the message was never sent.
     Would someone please fix this problem. I only use my home PC’s to interface with Paypal. What was anymore safer for identity verification purposes and was only a phone call or email away? I got my mobile phone because Paypal coerced me and threatened to close my account if I didn’t. Now, that’s real American freedom of choice indeed.  Paypal’s selfish decision has caused me and others much anxiety because of it.  I wish someone would fix this problem so that I and others can once again connect wirelessly to Paypal via  PC’s and optionally to a mobile phone device for identity verification purposes. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That holds true in this case scenario.
      I am using this forum to file my complaint because Paypal doesn’t make it easy to write directly to a human being who can read, but an online robot who is still learning how to read. And  when I did finally reach a live person on the telephone I was told my problem had been resolved when it actually wasn’t. If I had a viable alternative to meet my daily needs, I would leave Paypal in the blink of an eye.

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By giving their customers the option of whether to use their home phonePC systems or optionally a mobile phone device for identity verification. It should not be a do or die situation when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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