Complaint: Parking tickets while working in that area

on 03 June 2019 about Government of New York in category Local Government

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My complaint:

I was moving carnival rides from the Merrick train station my steering box broke, I couldn’t move my truck , so I backed in ito a spot left a note explaining what happened the tow truck driver could NOT get my truck out till the lot was empty , I left a note on the windshield and driver side window . But I got 4 tickets is this the way we are to be treated? Then the price of everything will have to increase because so over zealous officer has nothing better to do than to read a note plastered on the windows . Public relations are bad enough do you really need more of “over reacting to a person actually trying to bring a little joy to the people of Nassau country . I have lived on Long Island for 58 years , and have Never seen a bigger abuse of common sense. Yes I will be fighting all these tickets I think you should dismiss them in the sense of fair play , something New York has seem to forgotten, Thomas Maksimuk

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Desired solution:

Dismiss all but in oninspected ticket, I will have it done ASAP I live in Florida in the winter in my trailer because I lost my house after being injured on the job , this is the first time in New York since October of last year , I work for the carnival that was there in the train station parking lot. If I have to hire an attorney it will cost us all a lot more than this is worth. Thomas WMaksimuk

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