Complaint: Park Rules NOT Being Enforced By Management

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My complaint:

There are rules that you are to follow when you move in the park. Management does give you a hearty rule book. One of the rules are you are ONLY allowed 2 INSIDE animals under 30 pounds. No outside doghouses, cages, or other containers. Which there are plenty that are a nuisance. And when you try talking to management about it they will tell you if you have any problems to call the sheriffs department. The sheriffs dept. is not management, they cant fix everything! Another issue is in the rule book says nothing except window blinds are to be in the windows, there are mobiles with aluminum foil and construction paper in the windows and I talked to the assistant manager about it again he done NOTHING! The management is no good! We have no management at all.
There is an epidemic of cats around here also. But if you mention it to management they just blow it off. The cats work like maggots around here and just keep having babies……
And in the rule book its states NO Pit Bulls, well guess what? There’s as many Pit Bulls in this park at there is other dogs.
A woman was walking her dog and was lunged at by one of the Pit Bulls. She called the manager and she done NOTHING to the owner!
So, I feel that we are in dire need of some help around here. Please

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Desired solution:

I feel that someone needs to have a talk with management and put some fire under their feet. Since they don\'t want to enforce any rules.
The news crew needs to come out and talk to residents......
These issues needs resolved.

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