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Statistics of Panera Bread in the category Restaurants

113 total complaints
2.7 /10
46 votes

Complaints overview

Poor Customer Service

Complaint from on 08 June 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

We called ahead of time to order a sandwich, and when someone finally answered they hung up. This happened twice. We then called to speak to the manager and the same thing happened. I went in the... Read more

Food and cleanliness

Complaint from on 07 June 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

I ordered two teriyaki chicken bowls (with broccoli). The food was COLD. When I told the female SHIFT SUPERVISOR that our food was cold she failed to acknowledged my complaint. Instead, she suggested that it was prepared hot. What an... Read more

Too Long

Complaint from on 28 May 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

I used the app to order at about 4:15pm. I was informed via app that it would be delivered between 4:51-5:10. My address on checking the ation was incorrect so I called so the delivery person could be... Read more


Complaint from on 02 May 2021 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

I ran by PB to get a bowl of soup for a person just out of the hospital and 12 salad for myself. Total was around $13. I get home only to find a tiny condiment container that was only... Read more