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on 16 May 2020 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

I’ve been overcharged for Netflix streaming services. Recently changed from DVD service to streaming. They gave me 30 days of free streaming for April. On May 6th they charged me $9.73 for basic streaming. On May 15th they have now charged an additional $14.95 for what, I don’t know. I’ve talked to 3 different reps no 1 is helping me resolve this issue. I’m going to my bank on Monday to have to disbute the charge, get new debit card, my time effort. So I cancelled my Neflix!

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Get Neflix to refund my $14.95. It's not my charge, don't know why they're charging me for it. Customer service doesn't know what's going. I have basic streaming service $8.99 tax.

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Steve (@guest_2382)
11 months ago

I got a gift subscription of £50 and set up a new account with Netflix for the basic package of £5.99 a month. Having just been contacted to say I need to make a further payment, I found I have been charged £8.99 a month after the first month when I was charged £5.99. The representative I spoke to said I must have changed my plan by accident, which if true speaks poorly of their systems, and offered no redress. Needless to say I will not be making any further payments.