eDreams complaint: Over charge for Printed Boarding pass

on 19 May 2023 about eDreams in category Travel

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My complaint:

My reference number was 11744657904. On the 11th May 2023 I had a ed booking from Naples to Luton London. I eventually got my boarding pass printed out by the help of a person who was able to use a hotspot. Prior to this the charging points were not working hence the use of hotspot by technology savvy person.
Subsequently he escorted me to checkout as I did not speak Italian language. The check out female printed out my Boarding pass and charged me 55 Euros no reason given. I was
not late nor do I have a disability so priority was not necessary as the plane was delayed by 30 minutes. According to section 261/2004 the EU regulation it’s states flights are covered by delay and cancellation compensation. My concern is I was charged for no reason nor was I late for my flight. I am a senior who is fit and healthy and was taken aback with dismissive harsh insensitive attitude of the female attendant. .Moreover attempting to explain my difficulties in uploading my boarding pass she smirking and thought my situation was very entertaining. I would like a refund of 55 Euros charged with out a valid reason coupled with the facts I was on time and the plane was delayed by 30 minutes. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours sincerely
Eileen Still reference for my flight AMCUBE

Suggested solution:

A refund as the overcharge of 55 Euros was unwarranted and unethical practices without a valid explaination.

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Comment by poster of the complaint Eileen still

3 months ago - Why haven't I had an acknowledgement to my complaint from Rynaiair airline? I am surprised and disappointed of how such a profitable well known airline can be on the hand espousing as a reputable airline and on the other hand it is so unprofessional at responding to my complaint. A unhappy customer. Eileen Still

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