Complaint: Outlaw Music Festival

on 23 September 2021 about Ticketmaster in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

I requested a refund, total 140.80, on 91321 and received an email stating that I would receive my refund within 30 days, and went I back on ticketmaster and looked my two tickets, two chair rentals and parking pass all had void stamped on them. On 92121, I received another email stating, ah, so sorry, but you won’t be getting that refund but you still have time to try and sell the tickets if you still aren’t planning on going, the concert 92221. I went back on ticketmaster and my tickets were still voided. I tried to contact Ticketmaster again and received another email that I had already contacted them regarding a refund. I wasn’t asking for a refund that time, I needed them to release my tickets that I paid for. If I had decided to go or had tried to sell them it would have been impossible. I do have all corresponding emails and screenshots of where they had voided my tickets.

Suggested solution:

I want my 140.80 refunded now most definitely with an apology

Outlaw Music Festival
Outlaw Music Festival
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