Complaint: Ordered bike, got only kickstand !

on 16 September 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

Ordered bluewhite mountain bike. Got email saying they could not fulfill order. So I ordered a red mountain bike , they sent me a email saying they couldn’t fulfill that order either. They sent another email showing another picture of a black bike, since they said it was an upgrade I said sure…Then what they sent me was a kickstand,(NOT A BIKE) Rock Brothers is name of brandname Box where it came from is Zhao Meng 42-35 Main St. Flushing N.Y 11355

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Suggested solution:

I wish to have this total charge refunded
$68.00 $12.00 shipping , less $4.00 discount $76.00 charge. I do also expect to be compensated for any return shipping charges. Please resolve this in a timely fashion.
Thank you ,
Anyhony Huff

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Michael Culver
Michael Culver (@guest_2092)
9 months ago

How did you contact this company? I got something from them but I forgot how much I paid for it and they didn’t send a confirmation email

Walt (@guest_2181)
9 months ago

I got a package today from Zhao Meng and it was ripped opened. I don’t know what was the contents.

Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown (@guest_2210)
9 months ago

I ordered a pillow and it is not as advertised. No info included or way to contact sender but it came from this address!!! It needs to be returned!! Found on

Maher Zilco
Maher Zilco (@guest_2271)
9 months ago
Reply to  Sandra Brown

Hi, do you have the name of the seller on Amazon? Please provide. We ordered a robotic dog but it is just a stuffed animal.

Krysia (@guest_2229)
9 months ago

Asked the seller to contact me before shipping, received the cheap, not what was expected item today, want to return for a refund, no contact info. Paid by PayPal, have a dispute going through with this cheap ass company…😖

Jerry Uze
Jerry Uze (@guest_2272)
9 months ago

Place order with you’ll wasn’t what I order you’ll were advertising double sprayer that goes on the spray gun to spray twice the area got the tips not the part that goes to the spray gun very upset. U S Veteran. Jerry Uze

P Collum
P Collum (@guest_2290)
9 months ago

I also received the wrong item from this Zhao Meng. email and phone number listed on the website do not work. PayPal is now filing a complaint with them. The cheep little pillow they sent in place of a wreath I ordered came from DJDJPO. I didn’t realize it was coming from China or I wouldn’t have ordered it.

Bailey Curtis
Bailey Curtis (@guest_2291)
9 months ago

I just recieved a package from the same person and address. I have not ordered anything for quite some time. The package, oddly is only 2 plastic, purple, bottle caps. I have no idea how to learn more about this package.

Barbara (@guest_2298)
8 months ago

I ordered a seashell Christmas tree only got a pkg of seashells that would cost 1 dollar at dollar tree😈😈

Liliana Rodriguez
Liliana Rodriguez (@guest_2307)
8 months ago

yeah I also ordered the robotic dog got a crappy stuffed animal so super passed was a gift for my granddaughter

Tina (@guest_2309)
8 months ago

I order a German Sheppard Dog that was suppose to follow you everywhere, bark, kiss you, and lays next to you. Instead I received a plastic small dog where it seemed like they just covered it with fur and a very bad job at that. I was totally scammed by these idiots. I threw the dog away, it was just a toy but it was crooked and made badly. The info on the address was Zhad Meng, 42-35 Main Street, Flushing,NY 11356. I paid by PayPal and I will demand my money back. Also, I have another claim where I… Read more »