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on 26 May 2019 about RL Realty in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

This started when i my family and i moved in Febuary 1st 2019.When the realtor agent gave me the walk through of the home. I noticed different things that needed to be addressed in thehome. In which the agent told me she would have taken care of. Which she did exceptforfixing my basement was broke from the get go. She had the maintenance come by and look at it. He said it would need to be replaced and he would be back in a fewdays to replace it. Hetook the measurements and nevercame back.i have called numerous times to the agent, to the maintenance.i have texted numerous times.the maintenance and agent and all i get if tbey do respond is a false date when he will here to fix my door. Then he never shows up and wont respond back to my calls or text. Ontop of this i was told by the agent not to install the air conditioning unit that wss left here by RL Realty for tenants because she wants the maintenance to do it to make sure its installed correctly.. But the same results for the last three weeks im told the same maintenance guy will be here but never shows up nor answer the phone or text messages concerning the matter.Just yesterday this happened again.may 25th 2019.and he never showed up. He wouldnt snswer the phone or reply back to my voicemails or text messsges. This has become ridiculous.i pay all by bills on time or early, obide by all rules but none the less i am being neglected to the fullest. I have been waoting almost 4 months for a new door and over three weeks for my ac unit to be put in. I am very upset about this.

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I wantbthis issue to be handle in a timely fashion. Also sum kind of disciplinary action should be taken to insure no other tenants have this done to them how this is being done to me.

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