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on 23 September 2019 about OJ Auto in category Automotive

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My complaint:

On August 6th 2019 I had my appointment to Pick Up My 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS 4dr Sedan I Completed All My PaperWork For My Vehicle Got My Insurance The Dealer Gave Me My Keys And I Drove Off With My New Vehicle EveryThing Was Fine About 3 Weeks Later i Received A Text message from the dealer stating he forgot to complete the smog on my vehicle so he wanted me to bring in my car so it can be completed I Advised Him I was out of town with a family emergency once I got back to town I would let him know he said that’s fine keep him posted I text him a few days after at about 9pm ish that I was back into town and I would stop by the next day . At 3 am I got up for work and discovered my vehicle gone I informed the car dealer he stated he would do everything he can to solve this problem and that he didn’t have my vehicle and he wanted me to drop off my car keys so law enforcement has my keys if my vehicle is found Since This Was My First Time Ever Going Through A Dealership For A Car I Believed Him And Took I’m the Keys And Let Him Make The Report weeks went By Nothing has Been Done I Still Don’t Have My Car Or a new Car he no longer responds his shops now always closed so I decided to make a Police Report myself and. Due to me being a single mother of 4 I need my vehicle especially because my vehicle became my transportation to work and now my vehicle is gone My hours have been cut on September 18th I Filed The Police officer came to my home looked at my Paper Work discovered the vehicle was sold and belonged to Myself it was then I found out the dealer was the one who stole my car wrongfully late at night without me knowing and also came on private property to retrieve my car since he had a spare key he was able to start my vehicle and resell it to someone else a few days after stilling my car and telling me he didn’t take my vehicle . He made me believe he wanted to help he made me believe he had nothing to With my missing vehicle and I believed him when he told me he was going to give me another vehicle if mine was never recovered and still hasn’t did as promised All I am asking for is my vehicle back or a completely different vehicle as promised he didn’t have any right to take my vehicle and do what he’s doing to me I feel like he took advantage of me knowing I was young never going through a dealership and being a single mom of 4 kids doing everything Myself I Feel he knew he could take advantage of me I feel he knew what he was doing he wanted to sell me a car just to collect the money and play me I feel like he’s completely wrong for all this I just want everything to be fixed especially because that vehicle was all myself and my kids had for transportation and he knew that . Now i feel I need Legal help so hopefully I can get heard and receive my vehicle like promise or a new vehicle .

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I would the dealer to own up to everything he’s doing and did to not only myself but to my children as well because now that our only source of transportation had been stolen from our private property extremely late Myself and my 4 children have to walk in the heat , i strongly believe that due to the dealer lying to me and now no longer trying to help or responding to my calls or text messages and now his shop is closed all the time and due to him being the one who took my vehicle and then resold my vehicle that I still have Paper Work for also not doing his part and putting the vehicle he sold to me Under my name with dmv I strongly believe that he should be responsible for giving my vehicle back or replacing my vehicle free of charge. I strongly believe that this was unfair and he took advantage of a young single mother of 4 knowing my situation made me believe he actually wanted to help me I don’t believe he took advantage of myself especially being a lady and him knowing I was doing all this for the very first time and being a lady . My desired solution is that something finally gets resolved and I get my vehicle back or replaced free of charge like promised and without having to pay him anything the amount of disrespect and lies he’s doing myself is completely uncalled for something has to get done asap I desperately need help to resolve my problem and get the solution I strongly believe I deserve.

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