Complaint: My supervisor keep playing games with the staff and me and keep writing us up to get fired and nobody is doing anything about it.

on 21 October 2018 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Another complaint happen yesterday. Now this lady has recruited someone in the o.r. to put tissue and bone in a kerrisoon and instrument that had my name on it and say I sent it up stairs like that. I know that instrument was clean and no bioburden was in any set. Because my eyes and another person who they call the QA check before we pan or wrap any set or instrument. The next complaint is two pay periods ago she took 8 hours off my time and refuse to pay me. The next complaint is she did not pay me at all in June at the end of the month. She keep playing games saying you didn’t put your time in which I know I did so I ran to the department of nursing and talked to some lady and she got me paid. Another complaint is this lady called workers compensate and her and her friends cancelled my insurance permanently. While working at Walter Reed on Georgia Ave. While during nursing one of the soldiers fail back in the wheel chair. I walked in the room and caught the wheelchair just before he got his head on the floor. During that cause me to injury my back. And I also injured my left knee having to have to have surgery. And this lady and the Major stopped me from getting the care that I need by calling the doctor making the doctor mad at me so he told me to get out his office and never come back after being a patient for 5 years with another doctor. Other complaint was always about my pay check and when I call her supervisor he do9 nothing or call me back. I need help this lady has been in this position straight out of high school and they see her playing with the civilian staff and nobody is doing anything about it I ask to transfer back to nursing since this lady has a problem with the staff and the are saying apply. I didn’t apply when I transferred from nursing to spread.

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My solution is ask this lady to retire or move me back to nursing.

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