Complaint: Motel 6 in Cheyenne Wyoming

on 17 June 2019 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Yesterday I had to quit my job at this motel because of unfair practices and discrimination. I have tried several times to reach out to Kenya the director about what was going on, she would never return my calls. Some of the things that were going on were being referred to as Niger by Amy’s father. and one of the workers children were called little niglets. They have a family of 4 that work there and they pretty much run things. Amy the mother is never working just sits around and do nothing. Amy’s children are not given has much work as the other housekeepers. I have witnessed the manager Sherry and Amy smoking marijuana on the premises as well as drinking. They have ran off 2 other black people and they will nick pick at anyone one that is out of there race. Nadine is a housekeeper who is Spanish, was accused by Amy and her daughters of not changing sheets. They would go back into her rooms and trash them. Jessica is an American Indian lady that lives there with her husband. They have her come and work and not pay her. The maintenance man Michael is drunk on the job everyday. The manager Sherry was made aware of this family but hired them anyway. I was head housekeeper made to do laundry, clean rooms and work all hours of the night. I had worked 18 days straight. it was like I was a slave to them. I had already work 14 days without a day off. They are short handed and Sherry will not hire anyone to come and help. Mind you that Amy and her daughters are not asked to work any extra shifts. I talked to the manager Sherry yesterday and she virtually did nothing about the complaint. She made mention did I want to step down I told her that this was not the issue. I told her that there was no way that I could do my job with no other help Also I have taped on my phone where the daughter said that her grandfather was misunderstood when he said the word nigger. He stated that the other maintenance man was nigger rigging his work. I worked until 4pm 61619 and Sherry clocked me out at 12. I was on the camera as being there until 4pm that time at the front desk. I was witness to Amy holding back a young ladies check because she said that she owed Sherry the manager some money. Corporate was calling and Amy said that she had to received the it but showed me the check. There are so many other incidents that I have been witness to I also have people that will testify to the unfairness of this place.

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First of all I would like for people to treat me the way I treat them. There is no room for discrimination in the work place. My color should not be a factor on a job. I want to be totalled compensated for all of the grieve and misery that these people have put me the rough.

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