Complaint: They lost my money

on 13 January 2021 about Monzo in category Banks

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My complaint:

on 3rd June 2019 I sent £195 to Monzo to open an account in my name. After a short space of time I received a debit card but didn’t start using the card immediately. On 30th June 2019mI went to Harrods in London and spent £185 on the card, supposedly leaving £10 on the account. However I started receiving advices of overdraft and interest charges. The Monzo informed me that the original £195 was not received by them. I sent them a copy of my bank statement showing them the amount sent to them deducted from my account but they are still claiming not to have received it. I asked them how the account was opened without received my account opening forms and cash but they can’t answer this one. They have now referred the issue to the Credit Agency saying that I have not paid my overdraft when, in fact, they actually owe me £10. Despite my protestations they are ignoring what proof I am supplying them.

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Suggested solution:

Accept that my original £195 was received by them and put the account back in order

They lost my money
They lost my money
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Gene (@guest_2833)
7 months ago

My Monzo account has been hacked and money has been stolen from it. Monzo denied their security system was breached. They refused to provide me with details of the transaction they claimed I had authorised. Then they offered to help me get my money back from this online scam if I gave them the details that I did not have, since they had refused to give them to me.
Absurd and very dishonest.