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My new manager i knew her before she was a manager she was also an associate but her sister made her the new manager.But she became the manager 3 weeks ago and she has been picking on me ever since she doesn’t bother any of her other employees just me let me give u example we make smoothie,acai bowls,ice cream etc. We had alot of blenders and tops to wash so I went to wash them and she yelled at me and asked why am I washing dishes ,that what I was suppose to do,that my job and I’m the only person who mainly does them. Also ,she talks very rude to me and demands me to do somethings she would say did I tell u to stop,I’ll let u know when u can stop I’m going on 32 years old I’m a grown woman and I just wanted to be treated with respect like I did with all my managers. The last straw was today August 19,2019 as soon as I get there she orders me to do 4 different things at once she told me get off the smoothie bar and go wash dishes I did then she told me clean out the refrigerator and stack bananas,then she asked me to fill buckets with fruits and fill the almond butter and do avocado toast for a customer she was rushing me everytime I did one of the task and I always do my work in a timely fashion even when my other 2 managers were there. So I told her I can’t work like this, I asked her if I can talk to a higher up person she said no,I can speak to her but I told her she was being rude and then she told me to go home for day I was done and my time wasn’t over til 330 she made me leave at 1:29. So I started walking out the place and she tells me if I leave that means that I’m fired, i said you just told me to go home for the day and she said no consider yourself fired. This is so wrong on so many levels I loved my job I been working there since November 2018 and now all of sudden she arrives and treats me rudely and demanding me to do things and I get sent home and fired that is not right

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I think I should be able to get my job back cause she sent me home just cause I asked to speak to someone higher than her cause she been treating me like this for 3 weeks and I never had a problem with cecelia and now she is the manager she speaks very rudely and demanding and I don\'t deserve to be treated that way and she needs to have a warning or a write up cause you don\'t treat your employees that way and her other employees from a different location seen her treat me that way and they kept asking me why and said I don\'t know why I didn\'t do anything wrong

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