Complaint: Login for mobiles automatically takes you to a mobile app

on 02 September 2019 about CoinBits in category Crypto / Blockchain

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My complaint:

When reviewing my account on my PC and my mobile I found that one investment was missing from the mobile report compared with the PC report. I think the mobile report is corrupted in that the sum of the parts does not add up to that of the PC report which then gives wrong balances for equity, margins, etc. The only balance that ìs correct is the total balance which I assume does not require manipulation and comes from a single point in the database. I mentioned this to my trader who told me I had already been told about this. I do not think so as I would have asked what is the site I can log in to with a mobile that will give me the correct numbers. I have searched online and found nothing to help me.

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Suggested solution:

Communicate system issues to customers and offer other means of getting the correct information. Some of us use mobiles for a reason and we expect what is in the public domain to be in the database. How am I supposed to make investment decisions if I get two sets of numbers? If one set is wrong it calls into question the validity of all the others available. One set of numbers is a selling point the importance of which should never be underestimated. As a minimum the mobile site must be withdrawn with an explanation as to why. Quickly followed by another source for mobiles to access the one set of numbers.

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