Complaint: Late, Inconsistent luggage restrictions, AND A SCAM!

on 18 July 2017 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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I am writing this complaint due to the worst experience from travelling by Ryanair recently. Firstly, lateness; from Manchester Airport UK to Tenerife South, the plane was delayed for almost an hour! Then on our return, the Plane was late again by 30 minutes causing all the customers a long wait by the gate to the plane. There were no staffs in the beginning, and everyone didn’t know which line was priority or not- everyone was confused.

Secondly, during our return, after waiting for a long time in the queue when we finally go through the boarding, everyone had to check the size of their hand luggage; something I have never seen done before in my 20 odd years of travelling every year! A few people before us had larger sized hand luggage and were let through without any problems. When we got to the measuring, because we had to quickly put our handbags into the hand luggage, the front was slightly bulging causing the luggage not fitting properly into the racks, even though they are of standard cabin sized hand luggage- which me and my family has used throughout many travels before this. So we were going to quickly re-pack our handbags so that it won’t be bulging as much, and it fitted fine into the rack.

HOWEVER, the staff told us that we weren’t allowed to do that and we had to pay an extra �60 for each hand luggage to get onto the plane! We had 3 hand luggage all together, costing my family so much money we could have spent on another holiday!! I clearly did not see that as being fair, but also discriminated against! So, trying to negotiate with the staff which of course did not work, we were so angry and annoyed and frustrated, in the end still having to pay that amount of money to them! The most annoying thing was that we had no trouble with the THREE same hand luggage when we went to Tenerife, so why on the way back!?

The luggage weight is also a problem, only 10kg per hand luggage per person, fair enough. But having paid an extra £30 odd for a check-in baggage for ONLY 15kg is just too light for any family going on a one week holiday! Having paid that then forced to pay another extra �60 for the THREE 10kg hand luggage on our return; �180 in total IS RIDICULOUS! WHAT KIND OF SCAM IS THAT!!?? I demand that we get our money back!!

Their airline has the most stupid system I have ever seen!! This is the last time I will be flying by Ryanair!

Ex-passenger from UK

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