Complaint: JPS Players Green Filter Superkings

on 11 May 2020 about John Player Cigarettes in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

I purchased 100 of my normal Players Superking Green which were recently named JPS Players Green Fusion Superkings but this time I was told that they have renamed yet again were now Green Filter. There is no menthol flavour, or any flavour at all, and they burn my tongue make my mouth dry my throat sore. What have you done to these, or is it a bad batch. I am extremely disappointed as the shop will not exchange or refund for cigarettes as the menthol ban starts in 9 days, I have lost a week’s supply in the run down, which I hoped to make the best of. I cannot afford to just throw away £50.

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Can you send me a replacement 5 packs of Green Fusion or Edge, anything menthol but these, to compensate.

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Alison Pearce
Alison Pearce (@guest_844)
1 year ago

I absolutely agree with the previous comment on these… Players Green Filter Superkings have NO menthol taste whatsoever. I have struggled to keep up with the constant renaming of JPS and Players products recently, and now the content is so totally different, to the point that they could be the cheapest of cheap, foreign branded cigarettes. Absolutely grim and an insulting waste of £50.

Betty Gillan
Betty Gillan (@guest_860)
1 year ago
Reply to  Alison Pearce

I totally agree this should be on the packet does not contain menthol thas against our statutory rights & fauls advertising how many more people are going to be conned by this because it still says GREEN and most people believe that’s menthol…disgrace as supermarkets will not refund cigarettes you should be ashamed when people are struggling with money just now on lockdown and mostly older people that smoke these cigarettes just another right being taken away without concent ….disgrace

Tracey (@guest_895)
1 year ago
Reply to  Alison Pearce

Definitely agree. Surely this is false advertising!!! 😡😡

Lauren Allan
Lauren Allan (@guest_911)
1 year ago

It’s due to the ban of menthol cigarettes that the brand has changed so it can provide a menthol substitute. These cigarettes Green Filter where made so when the ban comes in to place you can still have a menthol cigarettes. There are now by menthol flavoured cards that are placed in the packet to flavour the cigarettes which only work with these type on cigarettes

Jennifer bell
Jennifer bell (@guest_2292)
7 months ago

The filter on the super kings are reducing the actual draw they are tooooooo big