Complaint: Safety And Wellbeing For All Resident With Jacksonville Housing Authority

on 16 January 2020 about Jacksonville Housing Authority in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

Mold in my Apt. Due to old Faulty Air Condition, Leaking and spraying water through out my 1 bed room apartment. Jacksonville Housing Authority, Over Night Staff had to also come out to use snake to unstop my Toilet 3 times, Due to backed up Sewage coming up through my bath tub, Toilet backed up flooded out my bath room , Walk in Closet, My Bed Room every thing including my bed frame, Things i had storages under my bed was also Molded. My Brand New Leather Furniture Molded, My Antique Roll Down Desk Molded inside Drawers and outer Structures, Brand New Cabinets in kitchen molded, Also Front Room Closet All My Winter and non winter clothes is molded, I am a Member of American Legion Post 197, American Legion Auxiliary, American Legion Riders, All of my gear include my Leather Jacket, Leather Chaps, Boots, Shoes, I have over One Hundred Antique’s Dolls that Molded I had to take the and put all them in Garbage’s Bag’s to get the old smell of Mold out my apartment. I am a resident of Jacksonville Housing Authority, 1300 Broad St. Jacksonville, FL 32202. Name Location under (JHA) Centennial Towers 230 E 1st St Jacksonville, FL 32206, I moved in Oct 1, 2010. Back in 2018 I was sick and hard to breath for a while doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me until they took ex ray of my chest to find a growing bacterial in my chest due to mold in my apartment. One again I have same problem with a Infection in my chest again schedules for more Kat Scan, EKG, Ultrasound, I have visited the hospital twice last couple months with chest pain test show’s nothing because mold is in the air and my Service Dog and myself is trapped I have no other opposition but live and die slowly in my apartment. I I told (JHA) property Manager, That I had to throw away my Leather Jacket, My Leather Chap, Clothes out both my Closets he now tell me to put all my clothes in the Dry Cleaner and pay for them myself and he will give me the money back to me that’s a slap in the face he is not taking responsible for my loss my health nor my little Service Dog he also have Allergic Reaction To Mold, Throwing Up, running nose, he keep getting a eye infection, he is a English Springer Spaniel White and Tan Property Manger called Mold People to come out 8262019 and 1022019 they didn’t clean my whole apartment either time Mold just keep come back at this time I have a bad cough I have cough so much my my chest is in pain every day I am totally stressed out. I keep having Anxiety Attack every day I had to double up on my Depression and Anxiety Meds, I am afraid that if I continue to stay in the apartment my health is going down fast also running nose, Watery Eyes I was told by manager the reason that I have mold in my apartment is due to me having my windows open between buying Air Freshener every month to keep the smell down from the smell of mold each and every day. I need some help knowing what’s my oppositions. Because I am not the only person in this bldg. with mold problem I was told by Property Manager , Tue 11420 that one of the resident put there clothes in the cleaner and payed 185.00 together his clothes out the cleaner with his own money and that (JHA) gave resident back his 185 dollar back this residents doesn’t own this bldg we pay rent every month to live here we shouldn’t have to pay them because there bldg is unsafe for all residents if we are one day late paying our rent chare is 25 dollars or eviction notice for next 3-7 days to Vacate Property’s with out taking it through proper channels and they get to keep your Deposits this is happening to all resident I personally like to know where does your deposit goes.

Desired solution:

To sue Jacksonville Housing Authority, For Mental, Depression, Anxiety, Illness, Sickness\\\'s, Sleepiness Nights, due to hands of (JHA)To be relocated to a private home of my own for my little one my Service Animal and myself Rent Free.

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