Complaint: Infiltration of my sandwich

on 03 October 2019 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I had not eaten all day I was cleaning so I went to Popeyes chicken by my house at Islington and bergamot in the plaza as I walked in a male guest started talking to me usually when u walk into that store there line right ther too in front of the door he claimed he was in front of me first and I said ok go ahead no problem then he laughed and said he was still deciding and it was ok he kicked up friendly conversation while I was waiting to order now when I get to the counter to order and he is behind me the other customer they tell me there is no more sandwich and I will have to wait I said no problem so I paid and waited at the table now the guy goes to order and he leans over the counter like as if he knows the cashier or cashiers so I had no idea this was her friend or interest or boyfriend she says something to him and he rushes out the store mid sentence not finishing his sentence Next thing I know the manger and the two girls are huddled in the corner talking about jealousy loudly saying they have to work and their anger and laughing as they make my sandwich I get the sandwich and I sit in store to eat I usually bring it home I hear giggling as I sit so I open my paper the sandwich is wrapped in and the fresh sandwich that I waited for they give me a top bun that is ripped left to right holding together barely by the edges I brought this to their attention that it was unacceptable and they tried to take the sandwich I gave them the top bread while they got me a new one now I put the sandwich back together and sit back down I take a bite int the sandwich and there is a plastic bread tag in my sandwich at this point I seen it was intentional I bring it to the mangers attention her and the cashiers are smiling that I’m upset an the girl that did it starts playing with the mangers hair as I’m telling her I want a refund and asking her who made it the anger said she made it she and those girl are a bad team when I asked the girl she said to me we don’t know wh made it I could have choked and died I was really hungry considering I did not eat all day when I heard the giggling and the jealousy conversation I knew it was pertaining to the guy that knew the cashiers at the counter

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I would like the company to compensate me athe manger called me the night of and said he was on vacation and he was very sorry. Don’t feel like this is good enough at all I have ptsd and I’m so hurt that somebody would be so evil to do something like that he has not followed up with me at all and this after should not go unnoticed ppl need to be professional at all times and in the food industry it is very important that service and quality

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