Complaint: I was out shopping my cash app was hacked !

on 24 September 2020 about Square in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I was in Wal-mart they said we don’t honor Cash App ! After I had tried using their Debit card machine !!As I was walking out of Wal-mart !This random Woman I don’t know or ever seen before !Popped onto my Cash App on my Phone ,before I could block her !She stole $ 890.00 off of my phone!I immediately notified Cash App.They said ask her to refund your money!I did she declined to refund my money!
So I sent them an email they replied they would investigate!I gave them her name that popped up on my Cash App(Angela Z.Parham) after about 4or5 days! Cash App emailed me proceeded to inform me they can’t recover my money !Times are critically hard I told them I was going to file A complaint! Even may have to file a Law suit! They didn’t respond!! I know they have Customers all over the Country!SO how is it they can’t refund my money !After being with them going on two years!!

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I want them to refund me my money on a check !Times arecriticxally hard I need all of my money back!ASAP!!!!!

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