Complaint: Horrible Employees

on 17 October 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Let me first start by saying that I have worked in the Subway company for many years and have even been offered a management position in the past, and I have never seen a Subway store this messy and unorganized before. The first thing I saw when I walked through the door was the female employee who was not wearing a hatvisor and her hair was down past her shoulders. I thought maybe the other employee had better common sense, but he was not wearing his mask properly, (I have pictures I will attach). As they start making my sandwiches they just throw the meat in the middle of the sandwich instead at the top where it should be. I ordered a 12 CBR and 2 6 one steak and the other bbq chicken. They also were, what sounded like, talking down on other employees while making my sandwiches. When they were toasted they put all sandwiches in the toaster for the deli meat setting. I asked them to toast them longer and they either didn’t hear me or just straight up ignored me. Then they were grabbing literal handfuls of vegetables and I had to ask for them to remove some, and they put them back in the bain which were then cross contaminated. The female employee then wrapped my sandwiches and threw them all in one small sandwich bag. Then after she handed me the sandwiches and walked away I had to ask for napkins which she did not give. She then handed me roughly 20 napkins which is not the way corporate wants (2 for footlong and 1 for six inch). After I got home and tried to eat my sandwiches they were very messy and hard to eat. There were other issues with the store also, the herbs and cheese bread was still stuck in the liners and just shoved in the bread cabinet, the tables were not clean (drink stains and crumbs all over), the cookies were underbaked… I could go on. I am, to say the least, disgusted.

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I believe the employees should get written warnings and should be re-trained on how to use great customer service and to make a properly made sandwich by the formula.

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