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on 11 December 2018 about Homebridge Mortgage in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

We started the application to finance the home. The loan officer told me it will take thirty to forty five days. The company that I began this process was named HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. the address is 4965 Preston Park Boulevard Suite 195 Plano, TX 75093 972 587 7695 (ext) 1272. Loan number 83108023 loan amount $140,030.00. Property address 3213 Russwood Lane Garland TX 75044. I had applied in August 27, 2018 promised closing November 15, 2018. The company checked my credit from a to z. Made me wait until November 15, 2018 and no body gave me an answer about the status of my application. Continuously requested me bank statements of October and November and I did sent them and I waited for the update for the closing. Nobody answered my phone and I walked to the office and I talked to manager with all my documents with Homebridge finance company. I questioned what the problem was and I missed my business trips because they told me to wait for the closing documents to sign off the title company. And also the company continuously checked my credit every week causing my credit score to come down. I paid off my credit cards, car loans, home payments, although Homebridge continuously made conference calls with credit company and other companies. Nobody gave me the right answer or results. December 10th I walked to the office around ten o’clock asking for the manager to know what the problem was. Homebridge manager said everything is okay I had to wait for a couple of days again. I asked Homebridge manager for a detailed report of why my refinance process was rejected after I was told I needed to wait for closing although, I never got a reply from Homebridge manager in the e-mail after checking. I called Homebridge again requesting the rejection letter in order to go to another loan company. Nobody was being responsible, I lost work time, and spent excessive amount of time in a span of three months. Causing me to appraise the value of my home and I do not know why my loan is declined. I called Corporate 972 587 7695 (ext1272) e-mailing Nobody is helping me or responding and now my credit score has been checked by them more than ten times and I have proof on all the documents they made me sign off. Homebridge told me that everything is good although, I did not receive any assistance. My attorney referred me to another company and it is Reliance who said everything in my documents is good. Homebridge Manager told me Chester Decker was no longer an employee of Homebridge Finance NMLS ID 6521 TX License ID 6521 Contact NMLS ID 316805 Contact TX License ID 316805. The settlement agent WFG National Title Company of Texas LLC. Alicia Purser Contact 1890657 did not also contact me for further information about the status of my case.

Desired solution:

My credit scores dropped because of Homebridge, I missed three business trips, I paid for the appraisal charge, I paid my attorney. They e-mailed the attorney stated that everything was going to be finalized November 15, 2018. Due to Homebridge finance I lost ten thousand dollars because of having to fax and e-mail them. I want the status of the case because I want to take the documents to the court. Homebridge, told me that do not send payments to anyone because they were going to pay it off and it was also false because Homebridge did not pay it off. Ocwen Finance is giving me a hard time. Any questions please e-mail at


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