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We just arrived from a Madrid to Alghero flight FR5522, where we had to sit in the plane fully loaded with passengers for more than 3 hours under the hot Spanish sun, before we we took off, total time was from boarding from terminal T1 to take off 4.38 minutes for a 1.30 flight?
the captain explained that it was due to French Flight Controller strike, but the truth ,was that when passenger’s arrived at the foot of the plane for boarding into aircraft the plane was LOCKED on the tarmac, NO LIGHTS,NO ENGINE WARMUP,NO FLIGHT CREW ON BOARD ! the captain and his crew only arrived after 25minutes later! the passengers had to sit and wait in the bus for the LATE ARRIVAL OF THE FLIGHT CREW! ,now here this when the bus was authorised to finally offload passengers it was pouring rain so both Priority and other passengers had to make a mad dash for the plane resulting in basic fist fights and hassle to be out of the rain, further more once inside the aircraft I personally asked for a tissue or towel to dry up and clean my glasses, where I was promptly advised that there was enough toilet paper on the plane to dry myself with ,what a nice answer from the steward? also while we sat in the plane the fuel was being poured into aircraft? I was under the impression that this was not allowed by international rules and regulations. So late arrival of flight crew means that captain looses his SLOT with Bruxelles Flight Control, and has to issue a NEW FLIGHT PLAN NUMBER and to wait for a further openings,thank you Captain Giovanotti for one of the worst flights we have ever had with your RYAN air, but i will be complaining directly to the European Travel Complaints Commission hoping that they might stop you from again taking your (CUSTOMERS?) PASSENGERS AS HOSTAGES, YOU ARE NO WORST THAN RED SEA PIRATES

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