Discovery channel complaint: HIV medication commercials

on 29 October 2022 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Discovery channel and every other network needs to pull these disgusting Apretude and other HIV medication commercials off of television, I do not want my children watching men flirting with and kissing each other and thinking that its normal or acceptable behavior because it most certainly is not, furthermore, these commercials are way over the top you do not need to show men kissing each other or flirting with each other at the train station to advertise for an HIV medication,The types of behaviors depicted in these commercials are unwanted invasive influences On children and teenagers, it is inappropriate disgusting and completely unnecessary…I’m sure the people involved in the making of these commercials would argue that it is acceptable and it is normal but they are wrong, and anyone of that opinion is merely highlighting the tremendous amount of mental and emotional derangement they have failed to address in their own lives…

Suggested solution:

Remove these commercials immediately and refuse any future advertising dollars from companies who want to project these sick twisted lifestyle choices on television

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