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on 05 July 2019 about Supreme Court Queens County in category Courthouses

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I have rented a house now for a year and I just had my lease renewed during this past year I have been harrased by my nab our first he has a camera st night facing my back door without telling me problem with that is that’s old my minor sons bedroom it bothers me for two reasons I don’t know this man what it hrs a pedicure I don’t know as well every time I come and go he runs into his garage from his house as well he has followed me at night on occasion well I pick bottles on Wed nights I do it once a week and donate the money to my sons soccer team as well he continuously calls the city on me first time was for another tenets move out garbage basement suit witch is not my concern but I got the letter I helped the landlord dispose of it and let it pass the second time was because I had 4 garbage cans I guess I can only have two my landlord was upset with all these letters but yet you walk down the ally and they all have more then two bUT I now put only two and clean my garbage are and his that day he calls my landlord for any mess even my bikes I have my son and my boyfriend we don’t drive and we keep them in our yard the stress is hard for me I have PSTD and a letter from my doctor saying moving at this time would be unhealthy for me now I outside having my first garage saLe of the year and I see him talking to the nabours complaining that this is my 4 th sale and about my messy yard I am having a sale it’s not going to be perfect for a few days this has been enough I am do stressed out I can’t skeep my landlord is stressed out I know every Thurs morning after I pick bottles witch are only in my yard less than 12 hours cause my son pics up the money up when we had dinner on Thurs my landlord stops by like clock work to see my mess I donate them to charity so kids can play soccer first he was telling my landlord I have a business I make no money from it and it’s once a week but I am most upset about the camera ever night it faces my back door it’s upsetting he’s is impending on my rights and my PSTD is getting worse and that effects my ablity to care for my son as well as myself is there anything I can do about his camera on my son’s bedroom and door and him call the city and my landlord weekly I don’t think he follows me at night anymore thank god this continued harassment must stop I have said anything to him as of yet but he has heard my complain to my boyfriend about the camera so he knows it upsets me I think my lease only got renewed do to my doctors letter because of all this I want it to stop can he record my minor child like that without my concent or know lage who knows how long the cameras been that way in the day he moves it to face another direction

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I would like the camera not to face my child's bedroom anymore and I would like him to stop calling my landlord if he's unhappy talk to me he shouldn't assume things and then his actions distory my life my mental state my home when he's wrong a simple disgusting would tell him that I have not swore or yelled at my nab our yet and I have PSTD so that's a merical but I am so afraid of being homeless I have been before and almost lost my son

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