Complaint: got scammed from a person stating that he works at this company

on 02 September 2019 about Lending Iris in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

this company got me approved with a 12000 loan he started to email me and he was using numbers from the company to call me when he said your approved he asked me to go to westpac branch and direct deposit the sum of $980 into a westpac customer account he saying you have to pay that its an insurane for the loan for 3 month pay that so we can transfer the money i did put that money in that person account in afternoon the next day i was looking at my bank asccount there was no fund in the account so i called the man up and said where is the money he said oh i checked the bank statement and said you have tax you have to pay tax i said how much he said around $840 for tax next day i took money from my friend to deposit but i said call him before you deposit the money i tried to call him and no one was answering was 40 attempt i called no one talking in email no reply no picking up the phone i left and didnt pay anymore but hopefully they run away with $980 i went to westpac i said i direct deposited the money into a westpac customer they scammed me from a bank account that belongs to westpac they said i cant help you sorry then the next day i contacted financial right legal centre they looked out for me for that company they gave me the actual person name and and there email the lady said email and tell them your situation i did email but they got back to me saying we are house finance brokers we dont provide credit and said we are also victim of scammers then they cut there email and phone number of the company they runing away

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my solution is that westpac should give me back my money cause it was coming from a customer from there end its a large bank iand they should have a solution about that matter thnx pls if you can help me with this matter to get back my $980 which is not a big amount compare to westpac a big bank they can provide that amount to my westpac account hope i hear from you soon

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