Complaint: Gobank website AND app will NOT allow me to send over proof of my identity! NO SUPPORT FROM GOBANK CHAT LINE!

on 21 November 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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On 102220 I opened up a money card checking with 20.00 account with Gobank (Walmart banking Debit card account.). On the 111020, I had 1,660.00 wired into the same account making total funds available 1680.00. Also, within the same week I opened up a 2nd account of the same kind using another 20.00 to open up a 2nd account. With in the next 5-7 days of opening the 2nd account I had a wire of 2,565.00 wired into that account. After about 24-48 hours when I was trying to get money from both accounts, I received a blocklocked message requesting me to download a government issued ID and DL to my identity. When I logged on to the Gobank website NOT THE APP, I still saw the restriction notice on my account with a message to download said identity products with the link Gobank.comdocumentuploads. No matter how many times I tried to log into this link either with the profile information I used to set up the account with or at the websites urging after I used my profile information to gain access to download said ID doc’s, the site gives me an error message to log in with my debit card . When I try to do that the screen NEVER ADVANCES. The I go back and try to log in again with my profile information I used to setenroll the account with and I still get the same error message telling me to log in with my debit card information and is a continuously locking loop with me NEVER EVER being able to get in. On the 15th of November, I spent 70% of my day trying to find a working phone number for Gobank customer service. Never ever could locate it. Since Gobank is a bank owned by Wal-Mart, I tried to get any kind of Gobank customer service phone number from them and they took no responsibility for it and I had no support. Went back to the Gobank site to try to find a number and all I could Find was a chat. Got into a chat with a minimum of 2 agents. Both of which told me to upload identity documents through the gobank.comdocumentuploads link. I explained to them that I tried and the link came back as an error I never could upload and send any documents. In one of the chats I even gave my contact number so this could be dealt with. They did not call and just hide behind their chat! Then when I spoke with a supervisor which by the way is via a chat not a voice. He advised that I use a different email address and I did that and upon using a different email address – that time to send over my identity documents, finally I never got a return error email. He advised that it would take 2 business days for the research and ation of my identity to be ed. Today is Wednesday and it’s been 2 business days almost 3 tried, tried to use my card at my ATM both of a debit cards- still the account is blocked and I have had it at this point! I just want every red cent of my money back now! I don’t want to do any business with Gobank ever again! I want my money back right now! I need my money I’m broke I’m starving and I’m going without have medication because I can’t get my money back!

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I want ALL of my money!

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