Complaint: getting verbally abused and intimidated

on 16 June 2019 about Goodwill Industries in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

this store win over run by with its ebay and flea market buyer who will kill you for a pair of shoes, they are entitle and intimidating, WI had a altercation with 250 lb Spanish ebay buyer who started screaming at me and when WI reported wit to management he then proceeded to threaten me win front of the manager,I asked therm to get his name because he was very scary and screaming at the top of his voice -this was definitely a cultural thing where he was screaming at a women management didn’t do anything so if your a old white women don’t go to the Goodwill om Dixie highway, To allow one male customer to scream at another is bad enough but to allow him to threaten her is totally something else so I feared for my being is unacceptable and leaves Goodwill open for liability-these men always try to intimidate the women and this is a big me too movement as well

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Suggested solution:

The manager needs to be fire and Goodwill need to ensure their customers are safe in their store-so moral of the story is if you\\\'re an old white women don\\\'t go to Goodwill and give your donations to another charity so simply throw them away as opposed to giving it to a company that abuses its customers I will circulate among my friends on Palm Beach letting them know not to give to goodwill- the Lords place is right down the street-also sending the Southend neighborhood association a letter to start complaining to city about any zoning and maintenance issues to put political pressure on them to get this store out of our neighborhood

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