Complaint: Gas nozzle sprayed all over me

on 08 March 2020 about ARCO Gas Stations in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

Today, March 7th, I went to the Arco in Eagle Rock, California, on the corner of Eagle rock and York at approximately 11:30 am. I drove up to pump 7, paid with the card, and pulled the nozzle from the holder, pulled out of the holder and as I got close to the car the nozzle spurted gas out, about a gallon of gas onto me, as the gas nozzle was upward, the liquid poured out onto me. I had not gripped the handle to dispense gas, but as the pump was spurting I had to put the nozzle in the gas tank to stop the pouring on to me.

There were three parties who witnessed the vent and they were appalled at what they saw me go through. I did not get their names but with the camera’s from the station, I am sure they could been seen. the car behind me was a white Mercedes, and I drive a 2018 Honda Crv, for your reference to your investigation.

I went to the cashier, Ana, she would not give me her last name, but she came out to the car to look at the spill, and she agreed that she smelled all the gas on me. She said it was not their fault, I explained that this was dangerous, and luckily I had my sun glasses on, because the gas spouted all the way to my glasses, my hair and all of the front of my clothing.

She indicated that she was not responsible, that it was not their fault. I asked who to place a complaint. She said it was a city problem. I told her I would have report a complaint.

Because of the dangerous gas, I had to strip from my blouse, in the lot! I was completely embarrassed that I had to do this… fortunately, I had a coat to cover my self as I did this.

But my passenger and became nauseous driving home, because of the excessive gas smell from the drenched clothes.

I had to go home and shower three times to get the stench off from me, the clothing also I had trouble getting the gas off of them, and the car, I have had to get special cleaning because I could not remove the smell from the upholstery.

Later I tried a few phone numbers I found on the internet to put in a formal complaint, but I believe they may not been good numbers. I found this site, and hopefully something will be done about this.

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Suggested solution:

Make sure that the gas pump nozzle is not defective, damaged, or that this can happen again to another person.

Also, the employees at the stations should all know where customers can file complaints.

I would like a formal apology, at the very least.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about ARCO Gas Stations

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