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on 25 October 2019 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

You have finally broken me after about 2 years of playing I have just spent down my account and will now leave the game. You have ruined all the fun aspects of this game it is no longer fun anymore. The events are so bad you cant get coins and the villages cost so much you cant build without excessive coins. You descriminate with events rewards so some people can play and some cant. I cant do viking anymore because of the amount it costs. It was once my favourite event. You then give some vip status and some not just to rub in how bad this game is for the rest of us that dont have that privalege. You have killed everything i love about the game and i dont see how this helps you with revenue. Im sure im not the first and wont be the last. Goodbye

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Suggested solution:

Make the game even and fair for everyone give everyone the same rewards. Give events that are fun to play so people can get coins to build and buy cards. Change viking back to the way it was so people can do it. Get rid of vip and treat everyone the same. Lower village prices so people can afford to build. I know you will do none of this and probably wont even read this. Because the customer service on the game is as bad as the game itself.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

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