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on 26 May 2019 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I tired to place an order last night. I had to call for help because the system would not take my gift cert. I filled out a form and someone call me. My order came to 138.00 and some change. The customer service ask for each gift cert number,pin etc. I gave her a total of five gift cards totaling 85.00. At the end of the ordercall she said my balance was 52.00 and some change, I charge the balance to my Walmart credit card. She sent me a ation notice while I was still on line with her. The bill charge to my credit card for 129. and change. I tried over and over to explain that these numbers were not adding up right. She kept saying that they took off the taxes for my city, ask about the 85.00 in gift cert, she could not explain and became confused herself and kept saying it took of the 9.00 taxes, I told her to cancel the order and return my gift cert to me. She did send me a ation canceling only three items and shipped one item anyway. (I was told by customer service Once the item comes to return it to the nearest store, so on a recovering broken foot I did. I sent several emails to Walmart to fix the problem. it’s been over five days or five business days. They made the error…

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Return all my money back to my gift cards, the order was cancel, within that same call, as it was too stressful trying to order with the customer service rep. It's no need for them to keep my money for so long of a time.

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